Spend wisely live well

After sitting at home for a long time watching rain, sun, moon and improving my culinary expertise, I decided to get out today only because it was clear outside and I had to do a little bit of banking. Reached my bank just half an hour before the banking hours, got my work done including passbook update. With introduction of new age technology into banking, it has improved so much. Now a days the employees are competent and they care for people, as there is no monopoly they understand the truth that each and every customer is an indispensable asset.That was too mush of banking by the way, I just got carried away. Please pardon me.

I have been seeing a lot of advertisement about a newly opened shop nearby our bank, a shop that sells musical instruments and parts. As I like musical instruments I thought I should pay a visit. Not that it might by an honor for him or the shop, simply because the shop is one of its kind in my place and I was in need acoustic guitar strings as I started my guitar playing ritual again. I some how found the place and when I entered a lady was only there. I told her my requirement and the very first thing she did was to call someone and asked him to come. She didn’t mind even to switch on the lights. The other guy came and threw me the string bundle. It was like a chaos, the bundle had strings for every stringed instrument and he handed me another bundle which he told ” has all the four strings”. (OMG! the guy don’t even know how many strings the guitar has, Good man to run the shop(lol)).

With all the care and attention he gave me(sarcasm) I thought like instead of buying the bundle let me buy myself the first and second string. It didn’t take me long to find the strings but the one I took had rust on it, which i obviously a bad sign. So I started searching for the ones without rust. In the mean time the ‘other guy’ told me I can’t do that. I was thunder stricken by his behavior. Will someone buy useless things by paying money? Does, the one who pay has the right to see to it that he/she is paying for something worth the money? I didn’t buy a thing from him today and will never again. I hate this kind of shopping.

What I would like to tell you is “Spend wisely live well”.


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